PS4 And Xbox One Versions of Terraria Get Huge Update

Many new features and changes are part of the huge 1.3 update for PS4 and Xbox One.
  • Terraria on the PS4 and Xbox One got update 1.3 today and it’s huge.
  • There are new features, mechanics, and events.
  • Changes have been made to items, crafting, and expert mode.

Here’s just some of the many changes and new features that are part of the update;

  • Revamped Town NPCs. They now sit, avoid monsters, socialize, avoid sitting near chests, and fight back against threats!
  • Chest open/close is now animated.
  • You now get fishing rewards for every 5 turn ins, versus the previous requirement of 10.
  • Bosses now have minimap icons.
  • The player’s last death location is now shown on the map, aiding the retrieval of lost money and/or items.
  • Expert mode can now be toggled in the World Creation Menu. This will trigger a host of changes, all designed to provide a greater challenge with the promise of greater rewards.
  • Invasion Events now have a progress bar, showing how far along the player is towards completion.
  • You can now craft items from a chest while it is open without having to place its contents in the player inventory beforehand..
  • There is a new Alchemy Table that has a chance to reduce potion crafting cost.
  • Crafting Wooden Arrows now gives 10 per recipe instead of 5. Their cost has been reduced to 5 copper.
  • You can now craft Bone Platforms.
  • Platforms now stack to 999.
  • A new friendly NPC – The Tax Collector – will join you if rescued.
  • Coins are now animated.
  • There are over 800 new items to discover.
  • There are new powerful items waiting to be fished up in the underground Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow.
  • All 2×2 items can now be placed on tables.
  • Item stack sizes are now universal.
  • The full list can be found here.

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