Alleged Details About the Next-Gen Xbox Come Out

  • Details about the next generation of Microsoft’s Xbox Family may have just emerged from Thurrot.
  • According to Thurrot Microsoft is planning two different pieces of hardware for the next generation of gaming.
  • The specs are not known as of yet due to the consoles being so early in development.
  • The second piece of hardware is said to be a “streaming platform” with the rumored name “Scarlett Cloud.”
  • For these next generation consoles, Microsoft is said to want players to play without telling if they’re playing a full classic style downloaded or physically bought game or if they’re streaming a game.
  • Microsoft is said to want a bulk of their revenue to come from subscription services on the xbox, like the xbox game pass.
  • Both the next more traditional Xbox and the “Streaming platform” Xbox are expected to release in 2020.

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