13 Spooky Video Games to Play on Halloween

13 Spooky Video Games to Play on Halloween

It’s October now and that means Halloween is upon us. If you’re the type of player who likes thrills and chills around this time of the year, you’re going to be wanting to play some spooky video games in the very near future. We have you covered with 13 spooky games to play on Halloween.

13. The Evil Within

While this game has a sequel that some people may consider scarier than the original, one thing that is far more scary about the original is the enemy designs. In The Evil Within you have weapons to defend yourself but it always seems like they’ll never work on the enemies because of how scary and intimidating the enemies look. It makes you feel constantly like you are fighting a losing battle. If you want to play a game on Halloween with enemies that look like they are straight out of a horror movie, then The Evil Within is for you.

12. Resident Evil HD (Remake)

This is the remake of where it all started. You have to survive a complex and mysterious mansion that is filled with zombies and other hazards. Play as either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield as they try to escape and unravel the mysteries of the Mansion. Resident Evil is a slower and somewhat older game, but thanks to the updated control scheme and new unlockable features in this HD version, it should be able to please players wanting a newer experience. This is a good spooky game to play on this Halloween especially since the Resident Evil 2 remake is releasing in January.

11. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is praised as one of the greatest survival horror games and for good reason. It has a dark and unnerving atmosphere that only becomes more dark and unnerving as the game goes on and a sad story that questions the morality and psych of both the characters you meet in the game and the player playing it. The game contains puzzles that may not always have a simple solution and disturbing enemies like the terrifying Pyramid Head. There’s also multiple different endings for you to get, depending on how you play the game. If you’re a fan of the Silent Hill series or survival horror games and have yet to play Silent Hill 2, you really should.

10. Friday the 13th: The Game

Do you want to be the one getting scared or do you want to be the one doing the scaring? Friday the 13th: The Game makes it so you can be either. In this 7 vs. 1 multiplayer game you can spawn as a camp counselor or Jason. If you spawn as a camp counselor you have to complete objectives so you can escape camp without being killed by Jason, and if you spawn as Jason you have to prevent the camp counselors from escaping by killing them in a variety of ways inspired by the movie. This is the perfect game to hop online and play alone or with friends on Halloween.

9. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

While not exactly spooky in the normal sense, the game is quite creepy and unsettling. What made Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem different was the sanity bar that was in the game. The lower the bar is, the less sanity your character has and the creepier their surroundings and the game becomes. While if you keep your sanity bar high, you won’t see as many creepy things. The game can also give you a real life scare by appearing to mess with your Gamecube.

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